Yoga: It’s What You Make It


The slogan under the yoga studio name is “Change your life – One drop of sweat at a time.”  The windows are etched with inspiration such as “Mind, Body, Yoga” and “Life Changing.” Although it sounds cliché, they aren’t lying.

This is a bikram yoga studio and for those who aren’t familiar with what bikram yoga is, it’s a version of yoga but incredibly more intense.  It’s an hour and a half of yoga in a room that’s heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.  But it’s really what you make it; for me, I saw this as an opportunity to exercise as well as allow myself to take a mental break.

Although I found this to be a great way to melt away some of the stress built up in my body, I highly suggest preparing for this before attending a session.  For instance, don’t eat before you go; you’ll have a hard time keeping it down. I learned this one the hard way. Also, make sure you are hydrated.  You will be sweating, a lot.  Be thoughtful of your attire as there will be bending and stretching. Plus, with the heat, you may want to leave the sweats at home. Lastly, you must bring a mat, water bottle, and towel. Great, now that we’re ready, let’s get to the class itself.

Like I mentioned before, this is intense. However, it is really only as intense as you make it. You are encouraged invest as much mentally and physically as you can while methodically working through the 26 different postures.  You are flexing and stretching simultaneously in many of these postures which creates the challenge. Challenge yourself too much and you’ll get light headed.  The muscles are being warmed through this process and I find this unique environment allows me to stretch much more than I could ever do in any other setting.  My personal favorite is the rabbit, which relieves all the pent up stress that’s gathered in my upper back and shoulders. Although the class may feel rough while in it, there is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you finish.  You get to end the class lying on your back with the lights down low, a cold lavender scented towel over your face, indulging in what you’ve just accomplished.

If this sounds like something you might benefit from, do give it a try. Though don’t be discouraged if you find the class packages a little pricy.  If this is an option for you, look for student prices. Also check for  drop-in deals.  For example, studios like Juice Box Yoga offers a ‘Karma Night’ about once a week where you can drop-in for $8. To see how bikram yoga could  benefit you, check out each of the health benefits associated with the 26 postures here.


About Leah Taboada

Hello and welcome to my blog that is a personal journey through self managing stress and finding relaxation. Between my first tax season as a tax accountant and finishing my Masters in Accountancy, I'll be exploring techniques and sharing my experiences. I encourage you to try them as well and comment on how they've word for you.
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