Exploring Hot Springs

Steam piles into the hall from twelve little rooms that line the west side. Each it’s own private oasis. Wood doors hide rooms with a small sitting area and a small pool.  Stairs lead down from the sitting area into the pools .  Benches dot the walls allowing you to sit and soak in the environment. Voices echo in such a way that they almost melt in the steam and become nearly inaudible.  Truly a zenful place.

My state, Nevada, is dotted with hot springs; over 300 exactly.  Some are even built up such as the Carson Hot Springs Resort described above. This one is more of a local hot spot rather than an expensive tourist vacation destination.  Either way you can find anything from just a hole in the middle of the desert to a full service spa.

Bathing under the stars will be the most organic experience; however, if you are a new bather, you need to be smart. A “wild” hot spring is going to be just as it is and that means the water temperature as well.  Some can be dangerously hot. Hot Waters Laughter is a site that covers a few known safe hot springs to explore over 7 states. This site gives updates from visitors, pictures, and general information about a number of springs.  Although these are known springs, still check the water temperature before entering. Gone to a few already? Please share your experience below.


About Leah Taboada

Hello and welcome to my blog that is a personal journey through self managing stress and finding relaxation. Between my first tax season as a tax accountant and finishing my Masters in Accountancy, I'll be exploring techniques and sharing my experiences. I encourage you to try them as well and comment on how they've word for you.
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