Know Your Environmental Stressors

Before you can change your environment, you should be aware of your environmental stressors. By identifying what causes you stress, it’s easier to plan to avoid them.  Although there are bigger stressors out there like our work lives or debt, we can reduce one added layer to help us feel a little more calm each day.  First, let’s go over some common stressors.



Ever try to get to bed on a Saturday night just to find that the neighbor is having a late night block party?  How about showing up to work without long sleeves to find the person controlling the thermostat prefers the office to feel like a refrigerator?  It happens. Noise levels, temperature, crowds,  and pain are some of the most common stressors that stem from our environments.  For instance, wearing uncomfortable shoes in situations that require a lot of walking can be extremely distracting. Maybe the rush hour crowd causes anxiety.  Alone, these may not seem too stressful; however, build them upon each other and you could have quite the stressful day.


For the items that bother you, a little planning can help you combat these stressors. For noise levels, unplug unused appliances that could be emitting high pitches.  Even pitches we can’t hear can add increased levels of stress hormones into our bodies. Wear headphones at work if the environment is a little distracting or ear plugs to bed if the neighbors are getting a little rowdy. Layers are the biggest recommendation I can give to fighting the temperature. Leave an extra sweater or jacket in your car if you need to. If you are trying to avoid crowds, plan for when you know there will be less people.  This means leaving for work a little before or after the rush hour.  As for pain, wear comfortable shoes and clothes. If you are going to be sitting for a length of time, take things out of your pockets such as keys that can create pinching. If you have a great technique for battle these stressors, please share below.


About Leah Taboada

Hello and welcome to my blog that is a personal journey through self managing stress and finding relaxation. Between my first tax season as a tax accountant and finishing my Masters in Accountancy, I'll be exploring techniques and sharing my experiences. I encourage you to try them as well and comment on how they've word for you.
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